WOC Spill the Tea

WOC (Women Of Color) conversations on social justice, pop culture, politics, wellness, and spirituality. We speak from our lived experiences and the intersectionalities that affect us. Each of us come from different areas of expertise and cultural backgrounds which makes this unique and needed.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Cultural Appropriators (like Post Malone and Ariana Grande)

  • Jussie Smollett (The case and the dismissal)

  • Aunt Becky (The College Admissions Scandal)

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The Panelists


Constanza Eliana Chinea (Host)

Constanza Eliana is a Yoga teacher of color focusing on diversity and inclusion, tackling race and bias through powerful yoga sequences and meditations both in person and online. She has been teaching for over 6 years and devoted her work on centering Women of Color in Yoga.

She created the Embody Inclusivity program teaching diversity and inclusion using Yoga and Meditation as a medium to deal with discomfort that arises when discussing race and bias. She teaches the online course Unpacking Spiritual Bypass, and offers resources to teachers and students all around the world.

She is currently creating a virtual yoga studio for women of color. Stay tuned for more details.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her 3 dogs and partner by the beach. She is the founder of hippiesandgranola.com and https://www.patreon.com/hippiesandgranola


Dr. Sará King

Dr. Sará Yafah King is a mother, entrepreneur, yoga and meditation teacher, political scientist, learning scientist, and education philosopher. Professionally, she works with anthropologists and neuroscientists to explore the transformative relationship between embodiment, healing, race, and cultural identity. 
She is regarded as a thought-leader in the field of mindfulness in urban schools K-12, and is passionate about exploring the intersection between anti-oppression pedagogies and contemplative practices as modalities that support the work of social justice for youth and marginalized communities.  

Poetry and painting are among her favorite forms of artistic expression and she enjoys blended these into her personal contemplative practice and professional consulting work. She has studied Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism and practiced Insight meditation for the past 14 years. Most recently, she completed a year-long meditation teacher training through Spirit Rock in Marin, CA. 
She is currently working with Dr. Dan Siegel, the pioneer of the field of interpersonal neurobiology, to editing "The Developing Mind" and exploring/researching the embodiment of social justice through a variety of forms of meditation-in-action.

You can find her work at http://mindheartconsulting.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/mindheartcollective/

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Louiza Doran

My work is as multi-faceted as I am. I have designed a coaching and consulting practice that honors my passion for both social equity and personal empowerment. You cannot create an equitable, diverse and inclusive society without teaching and empowering individuals to walk in their purpose; the two branches of my work naturally bleed into each other. My unique approach is a holistic one that considers the person, their identity and experiences as well as the communities in which we live. I’ve used my training, education, resources and personal journey to create a signature system that supports, edifies and guides, you, my clients through a process that allows us to take an honest look at how you can begin living in alignment with your vision, values and belief system.


Sonali Fiske

Sonali Fiske is a Sri Lankan-American, TEDx speaker, leadership consultant for BIWOC and the founder of Pick Your Platform & Raise Your Voice. Her work centers the often suppressed and sidelined stories of those still considered in the margins of society. Her recent online masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Womxn's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories of black, indigenous women of color countering the current narrative in leadership and influence.

 She also hosts her own radio show, entitled "Revolutionary Voices," confronting uneasy topics like colonization, tokenism, white supremacy and cultural appropriation, and more, to help dismantle the systems of oppression people of color live and work in every day. Sonali is also currently a council leader of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women. You can find our more about her work at: www.sonalifiske.com.

Sharyn Holmes

Sharyn's work dives deep into social justice, spirituality and personal sovereignty. Sharyn is a biracial Asian Australian working as a consultant to clients in leadership across the spiritual, online business, coaching, creative and wellness industries on anti-racism identity & conscious business strategy.
She mentors Womxn of Colour coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs to speak their truth, take up space, value their superpowers and leave a meaningful legacy.
She teaches the anti-oppression & anti-racist workshop series Unpack Your Privilege combining soul, sensitivity, strategy and social justice.