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Unpacking Spiritual Bypass

What the Course covers:

  • Why “I don’t see color, we are all one” is problematic

  • How silence part of the problem when it comes to social justice

  • How the Love and Light movement has become toxic

  • Non Action is NOT non violence (Ahimsa)

  • Why willful ignorance is NOT being spiritual

  • How misusing Seva has become an excuse for acting out a savior complex

Embody Inclusivity Challenge - The Online Course


On March 25th I launched a 7 day social media challenge with women of color speaking directly to how everyone can create inclusive spaces. The challenge ended but the message and work is still needed.

I’ve turned the challenge into an online course where you will learn not just what “doing the work” looks like but how to do the work.

In this course you will get:

  • 7 video interviews with Women of Color leaders on creating inclusive spaces

  • Weekly calls to action to stay accountable

  • Weekly additional resources and videos to dive deeper into the work

  • Personal journal (printable) to keep track of your thoughts, learnings, and calls to action

When you sign up during pre-registration you receive these Early Bird Bonuses:

  • Soulfeed: Meditation Series ($30 value)

  • Unpacking Spiritual Bypass Course ($108 value)

What is the best way to cultivate mental clarity, better focus, and the emotional balance you seek in the privacy of your home?  How can you have better relationships, less stress, and better physical mobility? 

Its not complicated, hard, or even expensive. Its all about being inspired and committed. A home yoga practice is the BEST way to get what you want to accomplish it, and I created this online studio just for you!

I remember when I felt uncomfortable in my body, I felt anxious and stressed, and there were days when I didn't want to get out of bed.  I wanted to begin a yoga practice but I wasn't sure if I was fit enough, if I was healthy enough, or if I could fit it into my schedule. I somehow got over my excuses and thoughts, and I decided to take the first step. 

When you start your yoga practice online you can go at your own pace, on your own time, ANYWHERE you choose. With consistent practice you'll not only gain a lean and healthy looking body but you'll also gain more mental clarity, more peace of mind, and experience less fits of anger and frustration. You'll be able to balance your emotions so you're less anxious, worried, or upset. With a deeper understanding of your body and mind, you'll also be better equipped to manage depression and addictive behaviors.


I know this will be your experience because I was once in your same place. I thought yoga was too hard, too mystical, and too wishy washy! I was tired of feeling emotionally entangled in depression and anxiety so I took the first step and bought a mat! 

I stuck with it and after about two months I was seeing so many things shifting for me that I knew I had made the right decision to start. I was managing my stress and anxiety better, so much so that I stopped having panic attacks which were a regular occurrence before.

I experienced so much mobility in my body that I had finally reached my goal of touching my toes, something I couldn't do before! I feel so comfortable and free in my body that I no longer feel self conscious about my physical imperfections. 

I am truly content with myself, and I KNOW you can find the same.

This Virtual Yoga Studio is designed to give you all the support and tools you need to begin your practice and start gaining more mobility, flexibility, and strength; as well as mental clarity, better focus, and the emotional balance you desire.

You'll receive the guidance and knowledge you need to practice yoga safely and effectively, practice meditation that is clear and simple, all while working with your schedule and busy lifestyle. You can start with the free videos, where you can learn the physical and mental techniques to help you take control over your life. If you REALLY want to see progress though, take the Mindful Power Yoga series and challenge yourself for 30 days. If you stick to it you'll be amazed at the results.

  • More Focus

  • Calmer Mood

  • Strong Muscles in targeted areas

  • Better over-all Flexibility

  • Deeper Connection to your Purpose

  • Spiritual Growth and Transformation

I've been practicing for over 8 years and teaching for almost 4 years. I have helped students prepare for marathons, weight loss, getting over death and breakups, and much more. I have studied with some amazing top notch teachers and I want to share what I have learned with YOU!

The question is, are you ready?        >>>>----->>

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The perfect place to start at the lowest price point. You'll get access to:

  • All videos, audios, and files in the studio.

  • 24/7 Access

  • Be the first to view new classes added monthly

  • The secret VIP community group where you can share your progress and questions with other members.

Challenge yourself for the next 30 days and beyond! This is perfect for those wanting to see progress and create a consistent practice. This will help you create a wellness habit that works around your schedule and fitness level.

  • 24/7 access for Life

  • One time payment, no hidden fees

  • 3 Practice Videos, 1 PDF guide

  • Access to the community group

Mindful Power Yoga has been live for only 4 months and I am tremendously grateful for students who joined early. I am motivated every time I read the feedback that I am getting from people who decided to take that extra step!

But you know what's missing? You.

Want to be a part of the community without commitment just yet? Sign up for the Complete Home Practice Package. You'll get 3 Freebies and 2 Bonuses just for becoming a part of our tribe!

Here's what some of my students had to say...

I would say that your classes have provided me with a space to listen to my body and focus on my well-being whilst staying connected to the greater struggles happening in our current context, which is so important! You put a lot of thought into your classes to make sure that they flow smoothly and mindfully, so even though the poses may sometimes be challenging, you help us prepare to get there! In fact, something I really appreciate is how each class has a specific theme, which allows us to focus on specific areas (core, chest openers, hip openers, etc.). You are a patient, kind, and knowledgeable teacher and I am very fortunate to have found your classes!
— Manuela Delnevo
Hippie Flow (inside the membership) is my favorite. The name says it - it’s the flow of it that I really like. Especially on days that I am only doing yoga because it’s good for me and I don’t really feel like it - it goes by so quickly because I don’t get bored.
— Joya Towne