D+I Consulting with Constanza Eliana Chinea

You are currently going through a shift in your awareness about diversity and inclusion but you’re new to this work and are afraid to say or do the wrong thing? You have a goal to diversify your workplace or Yoga studio but not sure how to make it truly inclusive?

Whatever stage you’re at, doing the work is a constant and never stops. This is a journey and you have to have the right tools and guidance to pull through. This is where I come in. As a woman of color I have the very real lived experience of unchecked bias, racism, and trauma that stems from people not doing the work.

It is my sacred duty to ensure that the next woman of color doesn’t experience the same injustices that I have by educating YOU on how to do the work

The time is now. We don’t need more Allies, we need Accomplices at the highest level

How does it all work?

My method is based from my training on traditional Yogic and Vipassana practices for a holistic approach, as well as anti-racism training. I call it the Ahimsa Method, Ahimsa means non harming in Sanskrit, and it is rooted in the practices of empathy and self awareness. What I do is help you identify your biases, or the ways you are unconsciously harming people of color, and provide you with the tools you need to overcome those biases. I guide you towards making responsible actions that create inclusive spaces, implement racial equity, and use your privilege to uplift POC and beyond.

Ahimsa Method Consulting

AMC Group Program May-July 2019

Intimate group sessions every Thursday :

  • Weekly 1.5hr group sessions over zoom

  • A personalized guide to holistic practices and D+I strategy (PDF) 

  • Weekly lessons on diversity + inclusion, equity, and unconscious bias

  • Discounted 1:1 Consulting

  • $997 for 3 months of deep guided work

1:1 Consulting


Each session includes:

  • Private 60 Min Video Consultation (First Session is 1.20hr) $215

  • A personalized guide to holistic practices and D+I strategy (PDF)

  • Email check in’s for 1 week after session

  • Discount on Courses and Workshops

*1, 3, and 6 month 1:1 consult packages available. Inquire below