No Poo!

As I get deeper and deeper into this world of "All Natural" I am consistently fascinated by the amount of information there is on all natural remedies! We have become so accustomed to buying things made ready to use in pretty packaging that we have lost sight of our very basic nature, and going back to natural becomes a whole new world we forgot about! In one of my recent online scavenger hunts for natural beauty recipes, I found a current fad evolving. pictures-of-just-hair-eykbvobt

No Poo, aka no shampoo, is an incredible new way of thinking about how to get healthier and shinier hair. It involves getting rid of your current shampoo, no matter how natural it might be, and using a baking soda rinse instead. Just a few times a week you rinse, not shampoo, your roots and then after condition the ends with oil. This is AMAZING! So simple, cost efficient, and incredibly smart. When I was in high school I took cosmetology and looking back at it now it was such a dangerously misleading field of study. Chemicals filled the air in the rooms, suffocating your lungs, and polluting your body. I regret now being so naive about the class, knowing now that I was certainly poisoned by the chemicals my lungs and skin were exposed to.

But no need to be gloomy! Its a new day and its time to discover what is possible with natural care. If you are wanting to give this no shampoo thing a try, make sure you are patient! It takes about two weeks for you and your hair to get used to the change. What this method does is it allows your natural oils from your scalp keep your strands healthy. Kind of like oil in your car helps to keep things rolling, the same is true with our hair. Using the rinse no more than 3 times a week helps to keep things smooth and working properly. You can add a vinegar rinse, just like Shirley Temple's mom used to do, to really do yourself some good. Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for many things, this included, just make sure you dilute it with water.

No Poo Recipe: 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda for one cup of warm water. Rub it on the scalp and rinse very well! Only do this up 2-3 times per week. Follow up with Olive oil on the ends of the hair to condition. For curly and long hair I found Coconut oil to work the best.

Happy Rinsing!