Hippies and Granola was born out of a willingness to grow community and inspire. Eliana strive's to create a healthier and more conscious world through Meditation, Fitness, and Clean Eating. Join her on this Journey!

Without mindfulness and yogic practices, I would not be as healthy and vibrant as I am today. You have to want transformation before it can happen, and I know better than anyone how deep you have to go, but in the big picture its so worth it.
— Eliana

Transformations take time and guidance, I know what thats like. You want a quick fix but it just doesn't happen. You want freedom from addiction or anxiety but nothing you try has helped. Its easy to feel hopeless and give up.

I created the Complete Home Yoga Practice Package just for those who want to kick start their transformational yoga journey without feeling pressure to not make mistakes or look "perfect". This is all you need to get focused, clear, and set your intentions on a new lifestyle that will help you get healthy.